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About PurpleKaboodle


PurpleKaboodle was founded by Holly Kingsford in 2015.  A lawyer, mother of two  children and married to an Army Officer, it was during their second posting to the Test Valley that she decided to set up PurpleKaboodle.  Unlike most “normal” people, Holly has had to become pretty good at moving house every couple of years and knows how important it is not to waste a second wherever you are.  Creating a place that allows people to find out the best of everything in their local area at the click of a button was a natural progression from this lifestyle!

Why Purple Kaboodle? Lots of reasons! First and foremost – the array of brilliant, useful and creative local businesses in the Test Valley that deserve to be shouted about. Secondly, most people don’t have time to discover what’s on their doorstep but would choose, and indeed often need, local businesses to service their needs – whether to buy a gift for a friend, organise a children’s party or get their car an MOT, everyone wants to know where to go on personal recommendation.

That’s where we come in: all our businesses are handpicked either through our own personal experiences of them or from trusted recommendations. To complement all of this, our new Facebook Group allows our users to ask each other for ideas, share local contacts and trades people recommendations as well as ask users for their best top tips in the Test Valley area.

For Best of the Test Valley businesses and events, big and small, PurpleKaboodle provides a platform for you to tell the right people who you are and what you do. With the added features on our site, such as our What’s On section and ‘3 of the Best’ articles, PurpleKaboodle is a community that people will return to again and again to find what they need in the Test Valley. If you run a Best of the Test business or event and would like to add it the site, please get in touch.

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